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Office spaces, industries, warehouses, and so on have a large and diverse electrical system. There will be many gadgets and appliances running simultaneously and it is essential to keep them always running in good condition. Considering the wide range of equipment and the large area, they will ideally need a commercial electrician to attend to these needs. Pivotal Power Electrical Pvt. Ltd. is your trusted source in Sydney having experienced business electricians offering complete electrical services for your residential premise. Government departments, warehouses, restaurants, educational institutions, medical centers, and sporting complexes are some of the establishments that employ the services of our team of industrial electrician contractors in Sydney.

Commercial Electrician

The following are some of the benefits of hiring an industrial electrical contractor from Pivotal Power Electrical Pvt. Ltd:

  1. Safety – Our commercial electricians come with the requisite know-how to handle electrical connections with utmost safety. They comply with the necessary safety standards and exercise extreme caution when handling these works. They have received safety training, which makes them the best people to undertake these crucial tasks.
  2. Expertise – Our commercial electrical contractor possesses the expert experience and a niche in their field. Though one might think that one can fix small issues with their limited knowledge, for more complex situations, one must have technical expertise, and this is where commercial electricians come to play.
  3. Saves Time – If you hire a novice electrician to attend to your issues, they will have no full understanding of the issue and will thereby take up a lot of time to complete the task. However, if you hire our professional electricians, they will be able to fix the issue in minimal time.
  4. Saves Money – Inexperienced electricians can further worsen the issue, which means you will have to invest more time and money in rectifying it. It is better to approach a professional at the first go to attend to your issues.
  5. Licensing and Certification – Practical training is an essential trait in a good electrician. Professional commercial electricians will have an authorized license and certificate, which proves that they can render impeccable work.

Sydney-Based Commercial Electricians Specialist

Pivotal Power Electrical Pvt. Ltd. is a recognized commercial electrical contractor based in Sydney. We have attended several establishments across the city for their commercial electrical needs. Our technicians are well versed in the latest developments in the electrical industry and can aid with the fitting, repair, and maintenance of electrical systems, irrespective of the size of the establishment.

At Pivotal Power Electrical Pvt. Ltd., we put great emphasis on customer satisfaction, so we employ only the best teams in the country who are experienced and licensed. If you require maintenance, we are available at all hours and can be there to save the day in case of any emergencies. Or simply let us create a more energy-efficient workplace when it comes to your lights and power. We also offer electrical services 24 hours a day. If there are any electrical breakdowns at your place of business then contact us and our team of electricians is always ready to help you.

Some of our preferred services include shop front and window lighting, emergency lighting and exits, workstation power and data, wiring for coffee machines and cooking appliances, etc. Whether your commercial property requires an office fit-out, retail space, cafe or restaurant, workshop, or factory complex our team will tailor a solution to your specific requirements. Keeping maintenance costs to a minimum is important, so let us design a sustainable electrical and data layout to suit your business needs. Our services are available across Sydney Metropolitan, and surrounding areas.

Tired of unreliable electricians? To find the best industrial electrical contractors in Sydney, visit our site at www.pivotalpower.net.au. You can reach us on 0413 719 050 or write to us at pivotalpower@outlook.com.

Some of our electrical services include:

  • High Bay and suspended/grid ceiling lighting
  • Shop front and window lighting
  • Emergency lighting and exits
  • Workstation power and data
  • Wiring for Coffee machines and cooking appliances
  • Wiring for machinery
  • Telephone and data
  • Security cameras
  • Security alarms
  • Distribution board upgrades
  • Sub mains and sub boards
  • Single and 3-phase
  • 24hr Emergency service
  • Labelling
  • Electrical reports and safety checks
  • RCD testing
  • Test tagging
  • Sound systems
  • Strip outs and fit outs
  • Electrical plans design and layout





  • Lighting
  • LED Lighting
  • Garden Lighting
  • Ceiling fans
  • Dimmers
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Power points
  • Ovens and cooktops
  • Telephone
  • Data
  • TV/Aeriel
  • Switchboard upgrade
  • Safety switches (RCDS) and circuit brakers
  • Surge protectors
  • Hot water units
  • Test tagging
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