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At Pivotal Power, we cater to all your electrical wiring and maintenance needs. Whether it’s a simple repair, a renovation, or a brand new home our repairmen have the knowledge and experience to make sure the job is completed on time and budget. Our team will complete a survey of the current installation and suggest to you our professional opinion with safety the number one priority. No matter the size of the job we work together with you the client from start to finish, to ensure the job is completed to your expectations and satisfaction.

A home has varied types of electrical requirements. Basic lighting, heaters, air conditioners, kitchen appliances, entertainment, and personal gadgets are just some of them. While some people can fix and get these appliances running using basic tools, it might not work for all of them. In such situations, it becomes essential to hire a domestic electrical contractor. Here are some of the advantages of calling a local domestic electrician in Sydney.

Domestic electrician Sydney
  1. Quick – Neighborhood electricians are quick to arrive and quick to address the issue. They will come equipped with the requisite tools, equipment, and spares and will attend to your needs in minimal time.
  2. Safe – An on-time local electrician will be well-versed in their trade and will ensure that the safety of your life and property is not at stake when they indulge in electrical work.
  3. Expertise – Domestic repairmen have expertise in the local ways of electrical works. They will know the way equipment or gadgets in certain locations work, and they will have in-depth knowledge of the network of electrical connections and circuits.
  4. Insurance – Most domestic electricians are covered under the insurance policies. This means one will not have to spend extra money on these services.
  5. Convenience – It is essential to get a professional private electrician to do the electrical works as faulty repair works can be dangerous and will be a problem when you are trying to resell your property. Moreover, when you hire a local electrician, they will be aware of the circuits and wiring systems in your property, making it easier for them to work if hired even in the future.

Our services are not only limited to existing homes but also to newly-built or renovated houses that need some extra electrical assistance and wirings. We pride ourselves on providing quality electrical maintenance and renovation services.

Your Preferred Local Domestic Electricians in Sydney

Pivotal Power Electrical Pvt. Ltd. has a reliable guild of regional electricians in Sydney. An emerging residential city that Sydney is, there are numerous houses and residential properties here. Understanding the electrical needs of the people, we have some of the finest on-time local electricians with us. We have handpicked these neighborhood electricians who are qualified, experienced, and is aware of the electrical systems in Sydney.

We undertake all kinds of domestic electrical contractor services including electrical maintenance, renovations, lighting, intercoms, safety switches, and more. At Pivotal Power Electrical Pvt. Ltd., we are equipped with state-of-the-art modern equipment and use only branded and safe spare parts in all our services, thus ensuring quality and safety in our works. Besides attending to our clients’ electrical needs, our Regional wiremen build a lasting relationship with them because customer satisfaction is pivotal for us.

Ask us how you can save some money off your electricity bill by upgrading your lights to energy-saving LEDs. Any power, telephone, TV, and internet problems you may have can all be sorted with a phone call today. Ask us for some friendly advice and a no-obligation, FREE quote. We are your local electricians offering complete services across Sydney Metropolitan, and surrounding areas. Your search for a local electrician in Sydney ends with Pivotal Power Electrical Pvt. Ltd. For reliable local electricians, visit our site at www.pivotalpower.net.au. You can reach us on 0413 719 050 or write to us at pivotalpower@outlook.com.

Some of our services include:

  • Lighting

  • LED lighting

  • Downlights

  • Security and sensor lighting

  • Garden lights

  • Smoke detectors

  • Power points

  • Ovens and cooktops

  • Telephone

  • Data

  • TV/Aerial

  • Security alarms

  • Security cameras

  • Private poles and Points of attachment

  • Metering

  • Rewires

  • Meterbox relocations

  • Safety switches (RCDs) and circuit breakers

  • Surge protectors

  • Hot water units

  • Fault finding

  • Electrical plan design and layouts

  • TVs and speaker systems

  • Kitchens and bathrooms

  • 24hr Emergency service