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Switchboard Upgrades Services

We are passionate about keeping your home safe and risk-free from any potential electric shocks. It is important to know your electrical system is safe, up to current standards and in perfect working order. Firstly we check to make sure your meterbox panel is asbestos free if we find any we can safely remove, dispose of and replace with a new panel. A new switchboard is installed with circuit protection devices via circuit breakers for any fixed appliances like ovens, cooktops, air conditioners and RCDs for individual light and power circuits. Switchboard upgrades are necessary to maintain electrical services of any place. RCDs better known as safety switches, are life-saving devices designed to prevent you from getting a potentially fatal electric shock. If there is a ‘live’ or faulty appliance, light fitting or if a bare cable is touched a RCD instantly trips before any serious harm is done to persons or animals alike. We also assess the current earthing system and install a new main earth stake with all our meterbox and switchboard upgrades in Wollongong & Sutherland Shire. We even do a complimentary safety check of your electrical system throughout your home for your peace of mind. Give us a call today for a free quote.

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