Switchboard Upgrade & Repairs Service in Sydney

A switchboard is like a control unit of your home or workspace. Electricity reaches the switchboard, and it is dispensed by the switchboard to the various gadgets and equipment of your space. It is also where the readings of your electricity consumption are monitored and passed on to your meter. A typical switchboard comprises safety switches, circuit breakers, or fuses. With time, a switchboard upgrade is an essential thing to do as one needs to be updated with the latest technology. Faulty electrical switchboards can pose to be of great danger to the user as they can pass on electric shocks. If one makes any major electrical renovations to one’s property, it is advisable to hire a switchboard wiring expert. Though you might not know the intricacies of a switchboard, you can look out for the following signs to decide if you need to call in an electrician.

  • A switchboard of older style porcelain fuses or hard-wired circuit breakers
  • An upcoming renovation
  • Installation of an air-conditioner
  • Issues of a burning smell, power outages, or flickering lights
  • Increased electrical load due to renovation
  • Addition of a pool pump
switches and RCDs

Here Are the Benefits of a Switchboard Upgrade

  1. Safety – One of the primary advantages of upgrading the switchboard is its safety component. Older electrical switchboards did not have RCD, which is the component that cuts the power to the main when there is a short circuit. The latest switchboard wiring has this safety option.
  2. Rewiring – Switchboard wiring can weaken and degrade over time. It might be wise to rewire them to eradicate any overheating issues or allied concerns.
  3. Capacity – Modern homes use many more electrical appliances and gadgets. Older versions of electrical switchboards might not be able to bear this load and it is advisable to undergo a switchboard upgrade to accommodate these increasing demands. Switchboard rewiring increases capacity and enhances safety.
  4. Upgrade – There is a variety of switchboard upgrades including new designs, features, and so on available these days. Approaching an expert will aid you in picking the right kind of electrical switchboard.

Sydney’s Expert Electrical Switchboard Upgrades Services

Pivotal Electrical Pvt. Ltd. Is one of the most reliable electrical switchboard upgrade service in Sydney. A growing modern city that Sydney is, we understand the needs of the region and have specialized in switchboard upgrades for residential and commercial properties here. Our technicians are carefully handpicked, and they come with expert experience and stellar know-how of the latest trends in switchboard wiring.

At Pivotal Electrical Pvt. Ltd., we take care to use only branded and premium-quality spare parts and electrical switchboards so there is no compromise on quality. We go fully through with a step-by-step guide when doing a switchboard upgrade. It starts with checking the condition of the existing fuses, circuit breakers, or RCDs and then checking the protection levels. After that, we look into the working of the power supply and the condition of the switchboard. For efficient and safe switchboard upgrades in Sydney, visit our site at www.pivotalpower.net.au. You can reach us on 0413 719 050 or write to us at pivotalpower@outlook.com.